North Beach

What Clients said :

Being a Landscape Designer and owning Northshore Landscape Construction, I knew exactly what I wanted…….. a resort style pool that belongs on a Pacific Island in Paradise!
Engaging Russell and Chris from Infiniti Designer Pools was the easiest decision to make, we have worked together for years, they know how OCD I am with our projects and what they delivered was a seamless and timely construction which smashed my 3D designs, hopes, and expectations out of the ballpark!
To anyone considering fiberglass vs concrete, this is my second pool and first concrete pool – I would never go fiberglass again. I also strongly suggest you put in a spa, we use ours every weekend. It’s great to get maximum use from your investment all year round!
Chris and Russell, we can’t thank you enough for the perfect finishes, quality workmanship and equipment and above all, your clear concise knowledge and advice at each stage. There is no pool builder in Perth that can rival the experience with Infiniti Designer Pools.

Northshore Landscape Construction