City Beach

This large infinity edge pool was designed as part of total home renovation in City Beach.

The natural fall of the block meant the owners would have to install a lot of retaining to bring the block back to flat. The design brief included a large family pool so the architect decided to use the pool to the owners advantage and incorporate it into the retaining.

As the pool was going to have a large amount above ground the decision was made to incorporate an infinity edge and catchment trough into the design.

The pool capping was supplied by Bonita Stone and the tiles were a custom mix of 25mm x 25mm mosaics by Ezarri Tiles.

The internal finish of the pool is a new custom blend exclusive to Infiniti Designer Pools called Infiniti Dream.

This pool is just another example of the flexibility of concrete pools. Custom shapes, sizes, and the ability to save money by doubling as retaining, make concrete pools the Architects choice.

What the owners said

“When we designed and built our new home in City Beach, we always knew that the pool would be a central feature of our day to day living area.

Our builder suggested Infiniti Designer Pools, as he felt that this company would provide the flexibility and suitable structural design to integrate the pool as a feature of our north alfresco area.
From the word go, Russell and Chris were on hand to make design, structure and equipment suggestions. Of course my wife and I changed our minds numerous times during the building process, as to the best structure; all of changes were handled by Infiniti Designer Pools in an efficient and competent manner, ultimately creating the perfect pool to suit our needs!
PS: The guy who services our swimming pool virtually did cartwheels when he saw the pool. He reckons that it is amongst the best designed pools he has come across, and loves the pool equipment and the way the infinity edge works! So all up, everyone is very happy with the end product! Well done guys.”
Frank & Ula, City Beach