As an Architect, the owner of this beautiful townhouse and pool had a very clear idea for how the pool would be designed and finished.

Every inch of usable space was utilised to fit this 7m x 2m fully tiled pool alongside the first floor to provide views from the low window in the living area.

Drop footings were used to construct the house on and then the pool area was excavated directly into solid limestone.  Many challenges presented themselves along the way including fitting in plumbing and lighting and we drew on all of our experience to execute the structural works with minimal impact on the new house.

The pool was finished with a 100 x 100 natural stone tile imported from Indonesia and the capping is a large format style with a 60mm turn down to the front.

The final result is spectacular and once again proves that no job is too challenging for Infiniti Designer Pools!!!

What the owners said

“Russell and Chris from Infiniti Designer Pools bent over backwards, jumped through hoops and did everything absolutely possible for us to achieve our dream pool. No request was too hard and no question remained unanswered.

Where other companies didn’t even give us the time of day, with the job being “too hard” (limited site access, hard rock base and house structure within millimetres, the guys at Infiniti took on the challenge with broad smiles and a positive vigour from start to end.

Brendan and I would highly recommend Infiniti Designer Pools and thank Russell and Chris so very much for making the process as easy on us as possible and delivering us a pool we absolutely love and which has become the stand out feature of our new home.”

– Megan Cordin